Reading but not reading

Just the other day I was trying to put a small object together. The instructions read, "Difficulty: EASY" I thought, "Okay. I can do this." I read through the instructions and proceeded to put the object together. When I had finished -- the object still looked like -- an object. I tried again, and again. Finally, frustrated I took a short break. After resting, I decided to take it all apart. Again I followed the instructions word for word. And again it was still a blob not the desired object I wanted. I was about to throw the whole thing, box included, into the trash when I read a small phrase at the bottom of the instructions page. That one phrase, that I somehow kept overlooking, held the key to making the whole "object" come together. I followed the instructions again. This time I inserted the correct "key" and presto! my object looked just like the picture on the box. What a difference it made to read the entire page! Have you ever tried to put something together and kept reading but yet missing the "message?"?

1 comment:

  1. Yep, and when the instructions say "easy" is when you usually need to really pay attention.