Drive Thru

There's a place I don't care to go with my family and it's known as the "drive thru." You know McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, or Taco Bell. First of all, my husband is usually driving and our son yells from the back seat, "I want nuggets." My husband says, "WHAT?!?" I say, "Just go to the window and I'll give you our order." He cautiously drives to the window. "Yes, order when ready..." The Voice calls to us. "1 kids meal with a root beer," I tell my husband. He repeats, "1 kids meal with a root beer." The voice says "1 kids meal. And what drink would you like?" I say, "root beer." Husband repeats, "Kids meal with root beer." I grimace. The Voice replies, "2 kids meals with root beer." I say "NO." By this time husband is getting frustrated. Child is yelling, "I'm hungry. Are we at grandma's yet?" The Voice replies, "Will that be all?" I say, "No, 1 large sweet tea." My husband tells The Voice, "No." The Voice says, "And will that be all?" By this time husband is truly losing it. I look at him and he looks at me. He then tells The Voice, "Please cancel this order. I'm coming inside to order." So, we drive to the front. I write out our order. Husband comes back with a sack and some drinks. I look at the order and say, "Where are the other fries?" He looks at me and says, "I read exactly what you wrote." We eat what is in the bag and go to grandmas. Would you rather eat in or go through the drive thru?


  1. I rather eat in, but go through the drive thru quite often, especially when I'm not um...looking my best. I have found though that if the drive thru has a line, it is faster to go inside. I do so hate using the drive thru, going home, and finding out the order is wrong or something is missing. I really hate going back, but don't want to be gypped. I do try to check it before I leave, but not always. Maybe if I cooked at home.......

  2. *laughing* Just come straight to Grandma's after this, and forget about stopping at the drive thru! (I remember going inside a fast food restaurant once when you kids were little and we were traveling. Your Dad was tired, and trying to place the order. He kept counting us! Like he had no idea how many people were in his family! I figured the cashier thought I was a poor stranded lady with kids that he'd picked up along the highway.)

  3. Very funny! :0) I enjoyed reading it. *laughing* It reminds me of growing up. Poor dad. Rachel