Publishing a book

Our son loves to write stories.  When he was in Kindergarten he began writing a story about a space hero named Spider Rocket.  We worked on this story for about three years.  Adding to it, deleting and finally making into a small book.  Last year I found a site that allows children and adults to publish their stories for a small fee.  We worked on typing, editing and illustrations for about 8 days.  Finally, we had a book from his story.  In fact, if you look closely at the picture at the top of this page you will see that he is reading the very book we published.  He was excited and felt important because he had accomplished something from reading.  We bought copies for his cousins and gave them as Valentines last year.  They were impressed and gave much affirmation to our son for his writing.  If children love reading and then want to write stories or articles themselves, encourage them.  Don't worry about spelling every word correctly or that their usage is correct.  Have them Write, Write and Write.  Then sit down with them, have the child read the story out loud as you type (using spell check), when something doesn't sound right explain the correct usage.   When the story is finished head over to and publish a book.  The affirmation your child will receive is worth every penny!  

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