About three months ago my husband, my son and I were strolling around Southlake, Texas.  There is a wonderful shopping area that is like walking in a park instead of a shopping zone.  As we were strolling, window shopping and basically just having a wonderful afternoon in the fall sun our 9 year old son excitedly exclaimed to my husband, "Dad!  Do you see that lamborghini over there?  Now that's a sweet ride!"  As many of you know cars and boys go together like peanut butter and jelly on white.  Being more interested in the Brighton store I saw across the street I wasn't paying all that much attention to my boys.  Excitedly my husband called to me, "We're going to the end of the walk."  I shook my head in agreement and turned toward my favorite store.  After browsing through Brighton I headed across the street and down the walk.  I could see my husband carefully taking pictures and my son posing like a model for GQ.  My son saw me and ran with a big smile on his face to where I was standing.  "Mom, come here.  You've got to see this car!"  Still thinking about the neat flower jewelry I saw in the store I followed my son to the lamborghini.  My husband looked like someone had handed him the prize of the day.  "You won't believe this!" he exclaimed.  "We saw the man drive up in this lamborghini and get out.  Then I went into the cafe where he was eating and politely asked him if I could take a picture of my son by is lamborghini.  The man smiled and threw me the keys to his car and told me to  open it up and to let my son sit in the seats and 'drive' the car."  The man probably knew that my husband and son would be more gentle with his car than a mom with a newborn.  My husband took a few more pictures and as we were leaving I turned for one last look at a car that made my son's day.  It was then that I realized we were Living the Dream.  No we don't own a lamborghini but a kind stranger shared a rare car with a 9 year old boy who will one day share his dream with another.  That's what Living the Dream is about caring and sharing.

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