The Secrets Beneath by Kathleen Fuller

Book DescriptionRebekah Yoder loves a good mystery-that is, until she becomes a part of one.
Rebekah Yoder has always been curious . . . or nosy depending on whom you ask. When a Yankee stranger moves into the house next door, she's fascinated. Who is this strange old man who never waves or smiles? When Bekah sees him digging holes in his back yard, she's sure there is a case to be solved.
Unfortunately, when her cousin blabs the story to the whole school, rumors fly. Is he hiding something? Treasure? Victims? And worst of all, annoying Caleb Mullet is now determined to solve the mystery with her. What they don't realize is there's not just secrecy lurking next door-there's danger. Will Bekah take her curiosity too far?
Readers will love journeying with Bekah Yoder as they learn the danger of gossip, the importance of prayer, and the real story of The Secrets Beneath.

My Review:  Having read the first book in this series, Summer Secret, I was interested in reading book two, The Secrets Beneath, by Kathleen Fuller.
Bekah is an avid reader and loves to read mysteries especially Nancy Drew.  She also observes life; therefore, she sees things that others may not.  She just happens to observe the neighbors empty house being looked at by an old man who begins to digs holes in the backyard. Her keen sense of sleuthing takes hold! 
And then her cousin, Amanda, arrives to live with her family but Amanda is terribly sad and wants to go home.  Then to top it all off every time Bekah asks what's wrong with Amanda and why is Amanda living with them especially since she obviously wants to be home Bekah's parents tell her to "SHH"  and basically mind her own business!  Bekah receives no answers so she decides that she must find the answers on her own.
Ah! And then there's Caleb, the boy.next.door!  Who drives Bekah insane!  As Bekah's older sister tells her-Caleb likes you.  Bekah being a true tween girl can't imagine how a boy can like you when he's always playing jokes on you and trying to get you in trouble?!?!
Watch out, World!   Bekah is our Amish Nancy Drew!  
Bekah is a sweet, lovable tween  who longs for others to just.tell.her.the truth.  Seeking answers  to the questions about Amanda she finds out that sometimes adults need love and understanding, too. As she, Caleb and Amanda secretly spy on the man next door they stumble upon a greater mystery....sometimes being curious leads to danger!
I loved this YA read!  Even though it's geared for the younger set I was caught up in the mystery and suspense!  As I read, I had to smile, thinking about an Amish Nancy Drew with her sidekicks in hats and dresses!  It's also a fast read and great for that reader who loves mystery and suspense!  A great-tastic read for ALL ages!
Kathleen Fuller knows how to capture a readers interest and keep you guessing to the very end!  Plus, all the facts and figures about Amish children! This is a fabulous 10 star read (I know *sigh*, only 5 stars top).  
If you missed Summer Secret, not to worry....this is a fantastic stand-alone-read!  

*I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson Publishing/BookSneeze*

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  1. I wish I had been able to get this book, I read the first one too. It wasn't available to me at the time. On my wish list though. Great review!