Jake Learns All 8 Parts of Speech

Book Description:  This book depicts a typical multicultural classroom in which the teacher is engaging her students in an interactive grammar lesson. This is a great story about friendship, learning the parts of speech in a fun and easy way, working to achieve goals, and the ultimate feeling of success. Teaching grammar by engaging students in fun activities and movement helps students comprehend and retain the information longer.
My Review:  As a teacher I'm always on the look out for books that teach or help teach concepts that are a little more challenging for a student to understand.  So, was excited to find, Jake Learns All 8 Parts of Speech.
This book is illustrated in all black and white drawings which is great!  That way the child isn't distracted by colorful illustrations as he reads the book.  Also, the illustrations are child friendly so  the child is not afraid of certain pictures but can learn what is important....the parts of speech.
This book is in short chapter format headed by the days of the week.  Monday begins with nouns as Ms. Shuff, the teacher, begins the language lesson with people, places and things.  There are also illustrations with the children pointing to or showing "the things" that constitute a noun.  For example, Billy bends over and touches his shoes.  Shoes is a noun.  A thing.  
On page 22, Thursday, Ms. Shuff tells the class that a conjunction joins words or phrases in a sentence.  And to remember the seven conjunctions by remembering the word FANBOYS:
At the back of the book, pages 32-39 there are worksheets for the child to work on to make sure he understands the parts of speech.  The answers are on page 40.  
The visuals and the way the parts of speech are presented in story form makes this an excellent tool for teachers and parents alike!
I plan to use this excellent book as a teaching tool and review source in the classroom.  
This is a fantastic 5 star book for teachers or homeschool moms to use when teaching parts of speech.  It is also a great book for adults to read and brush up on their grammar usage.  One can never "be too learned."
*I reviewed this book for Reader's*

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