The Christmas Gift by R. William Bennett

Book Description:  Every school has its legend; Ben Jackson was Maple Grove Elementary's. He has been held back five years in a row; he was exposed to nuclear radiation as a child; he was raised in the woods by bears. So went the many assessments of Ben Jackson by his sixth-grade peers. Over-sized and under-niced , Ben was the school bully. As the school year begins, new student Scott stands up to Ben, and as a result, becomes Ben s new daily target. From the annoying comments to the humiliating pranks, Ben assures a day doesn't pass without making Scott's life miserable. But in this story of forgiveness, tolerance, and unconditional love, both Scott and Ben make a remarkable transformation that will leave you with a fresh understanding of the meaning of Christmas in your life.
My Review:  Scott is one of those students who has to go to a new school every other year because his dad is transferred from job to job.  He is now at a school called Maple Grove and being the new kid in school he has a run-in with Ben, the school bully, on the first day of school.  Ben literally takes Scott's pie off of Scott's lunch tray, a piece of Boston Cream pie.  Scott is mad on the inside but lets the incident pass without making a big deal out of it.  But other incidents happen and Ben makes it known that he his the head-guy!  
Scott tries to take the high road every time by swallowing his words and walking away but one day it's just.too.much!  And he let's ben have it verbally!  Oh, the regret!  
I could relate to this story, in fact, at times I felt like it was my life not Scott's that I was reading.  I, too, had to move every year with my parents and begin a new school. Oh, the trepidation of that first week!  
However, this read isn't just about new beginnings it's about forgiveness!  The gift of forgiveness is probably the hardest to give but yet it is the most precious gift because it not only frees the giver it frees the "givee."  
This is a fast read.  Once I began this book I simply.couldn'  I read it in an hour!  But just because it's a fast read don't be deceived into thinking that it's a fluffy, light read!  Oh, No!  This book packs a powerful punch of challenge to the reader.  I had tears in my eyes by the end of the book and a huge lump in my throat.  I certainly will "see" people differently from now on!  
This fantastic 20 star 
read is a must have!

( I know 5 stars is tops but every once in awhile 20 stars is really needed for a fabulous read!)  I wish I could give this book to everyone on my Christmas list and then some!  This is definitely one book that I will read to my ten year old son and even though it's titled The Christmas Gift it's really more than a Christmas read it's a wonderful book to read anytime of the year.
*Many thanks to 
Felicia Sinusas, Publicity Manager,  
Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc.

for sending me a copy of this book to review*

About the Author:  R. William (Bill) Bennett grew up on the Jersey shore and in Connecticut. He attended Lafayette College as a Government & Law major. He spent thirty-one years in business, including many years as an executive of various companies and most recently as division president of FranklinCovey. In 2009, Bill decided to spend full time fulfilling his passion of writing, teaching and consulting. Bill has always used stories of everyday, great human character to cut through the detail and reach the hearts of those with whom he as worked. Bill is married to Loree Bascom and they are the parents of four children, ranging from twenty-nine to twelve. Most recently, they have been blessed with two grandchildren.  Bill and his family reside at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Alpine, Utah.

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