Angry by Laura L. Smith

 Book DescriptionEmma is angry. She’s angry at her siblings, who she always has to baby sit; her parents, who are divorcing and ruining her life in the process; and herself for not measuring up to anyone’s standards. 
With her simmering feelings ready to spill over at any time, Emma's self-worth plummets. Her faith in God is tested in the face of overwhelming hurt that threatens to send her over the edge. Can she turn back in time?

My Review:  Angry is a young adult novel written by Laurel L. Smith which tells the story of a well adjusted, "normal: 16  year old girl who seems to be very much "into" drama. 
 Her parents are getting a divorce and Emma lives for the school play.  Divorce is a topic that many teens can relate to in today's society.  
Considering that this is a teen novel all of the emotions are one-sided and the parents point of view is not considered.  Divorce is difficult for anyone but in this read it is hard to feel sorry for Emma the beautiful, popular, talented young lady with the leading role in the school play.
Like most teens of today Emma has a vehicle of their own, a Jetta.  She babysits her siblings as a job, a way to earn money.
Throughout the book there are references to a past relationship that Emma had with a boyfriend the year before which left her with a month of feeling that she might be pregnant.  Obviously, Emma doesn't lack for male attention or dates.  I guess, a lot of "secular" teens might have this attitude but does a christian teen live this way?  Other than the divorce of her parents, Emma seems to be a secular character that many girls would envy.  
Dispersed throughout the book are quick prayers that Emma makes to God during the difficult times she faces with her parents.  And because of the crisis going on in her family, Emma is disrespectful at times.
As I read I couldn't find anywhere in the book where Emma is a christian or that she has placed her trust in the Lord.  It worried me that teens may think just because one talks/prays to God s/he is a christian.  Oh,no!  Only a personal relationship with God through Jesus is acceptable (I would have liked to see this established in the story). I did find it disturbing that a "christian" young lady who prays to God apparently has sexual relationships and "worldly" ways that are opposed to the christian lifestyle.
I found the ending to be slightly trite in that Emma decides not to let her parents divorce get the better of her because she has other talents and abilities...especially in drama.  
In my opinion, Emma is angry because her life is a wreck and not because her parents are getting a divorce.....but that's just my opinion! 
The book is well written and this 155 page story is a fast read.  I just found the story line to be non-traditional for a christian young person and considering the title Angry, Emma doesn't seem to be abnormally angry.  I, guess, I was expecting a real.angry.tear.jerking. story from the title.  Maybe, Emma's parents divorce was a catalyst for Emma to seek a more productive outlet such as acting, rather than sexual relationships, to find fullfillment in her own life. 
I give this read a 4 star rating for writing. 
* As a blogger for Navpress I recieved a free copy of this book for the purposes of this review.*

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  1. Sounds like a book everyone can connect to at some point. Great review!