Deadly Disclosures by Julie Cave

Book Description:  Thomas Whitfield, Secretary of the Smithsonian and well known scientist, has a big that will leave him broken, bruised and dead. His only hope: that the truth will finally be told... Dinah Harris, an FBI agent assigned to the case has to race against the clock before more victims turn up, shes on a race of her own though, as the walls of her addiction to alcohol begin to close in around her...Can Dinah save herself, her career and catch a killer, or will this case like her past come to a smashing disaster?

My Review:  Dinah Harris is a FBI agent with a serious drinking problem.  Dinah has troubles and maybe regrets concerning her past.  The past keeps rearing its none.too.kind.face in Dinah's seemingly hopeless future.  Dinah longs to be more and to to be better but yet doesn't trust her loving Creator to help her through.
Enter her longtime partner and friend, Agent Ferguson, who sees that "something more" in Dinah and basically gives her no choice but to join him on this new case concerning, Thomas Whitfield, Secretary of the Smithsonian.  Thomas Whitfield's bruised and battered dead body is found in the trunk of a car.  Whitfield's body leaves absolutely no clues as to why someone would do such a dastardly deed! 
As Dinah and Agent Ferguson embark on this heart pounding journey into the case of Thomas Whitfield's murder,  the reader feels as if all hope maybe lost in finding this unkind killer.  But hope is not lost as Dinah and Agent Ferguson battle the realms of darkness.  
In Dinah's case the battle is fought within her soul.  As Dinah battles her lost regrets and sinks to the depths of despair she and Agent Ferguson never give up on finding Thomas' killer.  Just the same way the Loving Creator never gives up  on Dinah (or us).  
At first I had a hard time understanding Dinah's resentment and her love affair with the bottle. But as I continued reading and Dinah's past was revealed with all her hurts and lost love, I could relate to her battle.  Like Dinah, we all struggle with past regrets.  Dinah used the bottle for reprieve.  Some of us use food, drugs....the list goes on.  However, a piece of chocolate cake or a pill cannot give us the peace of mind that God gives us.
Another, possibly the most important, aspect of this read is Creation vs. Evolution.  Julie Cave holds no punches with her views on this important subject.  
This is one of those 5 star not-to-be-missed reads!  
If you want a suspense filled with action-none.of.that.bad.mouth language (no bedroom scenes, either) read then be sure to get a copy of this fantastic read!
I look forward to reading the second book, Shadowed Mind, in this series.

For info on Creation vs. Evolution Education visit HERE!

* A big thanks to Julie Cave and New Leaf Publishing for sending me a review copy!*


  1. Fantastic and in-depth review! I am adding this one to my list, as I love a mystery with lessons to be learned!

  2. I enjoyed your review, Tammy, and will also add this book to my to read list.