One Touch from the Maker

Book Description:  Get ahead of the Christmas season. Give your friends this book of inspirational stories as a Christmas gift or a get-well gift.

Fifty-one people tell their true stories in the 192-page anthology, One Touch from the Maker, Second Edition. Pat W. Kirk compiled this book of true short stories. Includes stories of salvation, healing and provision, to name a few story categories. It will bring hope to the discouraged and hospitalized, or to anyone who believes God influences every part of our lives. Readers discover how His followers come out the other side of life s tragedies with supernatural courage, renewed joy, health and faith.

My Review:  Don't judge a book by its cover or its size as the old saying goes.  This is one such book not to judge until you've read the pages of, One Touch from the Maker.
This book is actually many short true testimonies complied by Pat W. Kirk.  This is not a story book or even a book of stories but rather testimonies that people have shared with Pat Kirk.
As you read through the short testimonies your faith will be made stronger.  One can't help to read of how God touched a person or healed a cancer patient and not feel our faith grow and expand.  One such testimony is recorded on page 62 from Frank H. Dryer, Jr.  He went to the hospital to visit a child who was deaf and dumb.  He spoke to the child for the child could read lips and as he prayed an intercessory prayer over the child the Holy Spirit touched this child in a special way.  Encouragement for those who need Him most!
Then again on page 111, a retired Assembly of God pastor, Leonard Bennett, tells of a drive-by shooting in his daughter's neighborhood.  The gang that drove by shot multiple bullets from a sawed off shot gun into their yard.  The pastor goes on to tell how a bucket, a book, and a screen door made for a defense from these harmful bullets.  How his son-in-law turned to lay the baby on the sofa just as the bullets came crashing into the screen door.  The grand daughter on the porch had bullet holes all around her, making a profile on the outside of the house.  Not one bullet touched her but there were bullet holes in her thick book.  The grandson playing ton the porch was not hit because an old bucket got in the way of the child.  But the grandson laying  the baby on the sofa was hit 18 times in the chest!  If he had not turned just as he did the baby would have been hit!  The grandson was rushed to the hospital and survived! 
But I must mention "The Lure of the Witch."  This is a powerful testimony on page 97 by Frances Judge.  Prayers avail much!  
There are many, many such testimonies in this 5 star great-tastic read that I want to "read" to you but just don't have the room!  
If you need encouragement today that God is still on His throne and meets the needs of his people then this is the book for you!
I plan to give this grand book to others for Christmas this year!  It would also make a fantastic Get Well Card for someone who may going through a trial or rough time in life.
May your faith be increased as you read these wonderful praises of testimony to our Heavenly Father that "tell of all His wonderful acts."

*I reviewed this book for Reader's*

About Pat Kirk: Pat W. Kirk worked as an editiorial assistant for a military magazine when she decided to leave the job force to attend Kansas University. It was the Vietnam years--a unique time in history, and she remembers the burning of the student union and finals being cancelled because of student protesting. Sadly, the young men (no women then) who fought in that war found disrespect--even vilifying--when they returned home.
After she graduated with a degree in Advertising and Editorial Art, she found that her "advanced age" of thirty-three--youth ruled at the time--hindered her from getting work. Stubborn, she spent one-and-one-half years finding her first professional job, surviving as a temp. She worked twenty-plus years in graphic art, including ten in computer graphics. She published the Dear Pat Newsletter in 1995, thus beginning her journey into collecting stories of the Grace of God and the first edition of One Touch from the Maker.

Pat grew up on a farm one block from the one-room schoolhouse she attended. She knows about "a room and a path." She gave her life to Jesus at forty-five. Pat raised one son and is now grandmother to four grandchildren and two tiny great-granddaughters.


  1. Hi Tammy: Thank you for your very kind words about One Touch from the Maker. Did you have problems with the cover?

    Thank you again.

  2. Hi, Pat! I thought the cover was way too plain for such a great book! To be honest I may not have picked this off the shelf to read. But once the book is opened and you begin reading you realize what a treasure is in this read!