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Book Description:  Face it; life is full of stress. Whether we must deal with daily mild irritations like spilled milk or traffic jams, or extreme problems like the death of a family member, divorce or job loss, each of these events-as well as those that fall in between these opposite ends of the scale-cause anxiety, worry, or even ill physical health. Finding the Light of Jesus provides reflections and revelations which allow us to step back from our problems, reflect on what is most important in the present moment, and rely on spiritual healing-the Light-to experience inner peace and calm in the midst of trouble.

My Review:  This an excellent book for someone who is going through a hard time or it would make a great get well card for someone recovering from a serious illness.  
Cindy has an encouraging word even a chapter for those who may need to "see" Jesus through words.
The chapter entitled 'Prayers and Reflections' spoke to me.  The chapter begins with a short overview of what is in this particular chapter, then there are four subtitles listed:
1.  Seven Days of Praying with Jesus When We Are Lonely
2.  Jesus Hears Our Cry
3.  Conversations With Jesus
4.  Morning Prayers
Loneliness is the first subtitle.  Cindy brings the message of comfort through written prayers.  There is a prayer for Seven days.  After each prayer is a time of Reflection...a time to thank the Lord for what He has brought and supplied into your life.
Sometimes loneliness is simply being away from loved ones for a season.  Such as, a military person serving overseas or a young adult off to college.  Whatever the reason or the season Cindy brings hope from the Word of God.
She also brings challenges to those who are angry.  Conversations With Jesus is about you conversing with your Lord and Savior.  How can we let go off things that offend us or that we hold on to unless we tell Jesus?  
Then the chapter goes right into JOY....so much to be thankful for and to be joyful for when Jesus heals our wounded heart!  JOY as the children's song goes is Jesus, Others and You!
The book is chock full of prayers, poems and words of encouragement.  There are times to Reflect and a few activities for one to do, to not only help others, but to help oneself.  Helping others somehow brings joy and contentment to the bearer of the giving!
This book is an encouragement, a healing balm and brings an Attitude of Gratitude after reading the thought provoking statements, poems and verses that Cindy writes about.
Do you have a person in your life who longs to find the Light of Jesus?  Or do you need that Light also?  Then you need to read this 4 star read!  I believe that the words will not only encourage your heart but that you will Find the Light of Jesus and be encourages in His Words!
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About the Author:  For more than twenty-five years, Cindy Tuttle has worked with adults having severe mental illness. She served on the Mental Health Advisory Board in the 1980's and has twice been named as Advocate of the Year in Mental Health for Sacramento County.
Cindy has been involved in many ministries in her church and has completed four years of lay ministry courses. She facilitates spiritual retreats in dance, art and sharing.
Cindy has been interviewed several times on television and hosted a cable television show. Her articles have also been featured in a local newspaper. She has one poem published on Eternal Inc. and will have a poem published in Leaves magazine soon, which has a circulation on 50,000. Cindy has two Christian novels she is working on, two children middle readers Christian manuscripts that are completed, two non-fiction Christian manuscripts titled Finding Wisdom and Living With Hope and Courage. Cindy also has over 2,000 Christian poems that are available for publishing.

Cindy will soon appear in an HBO cable television documentary on mental health.
Cindy has a degree in Human Services and is a Certified Activities Coordinator. She has completed four years of lay ministry courses.

Cindy Tuttle
Joyful Christian Author
Latest Release: Finding the Light of Jesus

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  1. Thanks again Tammy for your encouragement and awesome review! It is appreciated more than you know. I wish you all the best!

    With Love,
    Cindy Tuttle