Building Character with Sam, Izzy & Many Other Dogs

Book Description:  Danny Pettry is a Recreational Therapist who specializes in working with children (ages 7 to 12) who have mental and behavioral health needs. Now he has put together an astonishing children's book to help ALL children have better social health and wellness. Danny Pettry's book teaches character lessons to children using colorful pictures of animals. This book is a valuable tool for teachers, group leaders, therapists and parents alike. This book covers social skills and character values like: Accepting others Compromising Having good sportsmanship Being respectful, generous, helpful, empathetic, and more. This book helps children learn how to make friends and get along with others. You'd like for your child or a child you know to develop and improve these skills, wouldn't you? You like pictures of cute animals don't you? All right then. Just read the book to your child.

My Review:  We love dogs and it seems that most children love dogs, too.  Dogs have become quite a teaching tool that people are using in many therapies now.  This book, BUILDING CHARACTER with Sam, Izzy & Man Other Dogs, is full of cute illustrations that children and adults alike can relate too.  It's also easy to read. 
 My son who is a fifth grader loved reading about the dogs with a few cats who were added for character building for the dogs benefit.  At times he laughed out loud, such as when the dog sticks its tongue out at the cat (dog is a poor sport).  The pictures, which in my opinion, are better than illustrations because they are so much more realistic which makes it feel like one is right there with the animals.
This book has a lot of diversity . . . different types of dogs and puppies are pictured either doing a good thing or doing the wrong thing.  A few cats were added to show how the dogs should act or react to the situation with good behavior.
Not an animal lover?  This is still one of the best and cutest books I've come across that stresses the importance of character in animals and children.  
As the old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  So, this book shows us that we can teach character by using pictures of animals who are not showing "what is the right way" to behave.  
This book seems geared toward the older child (ages 9-12) but as a parent, I think, an adult could read and show the pictures to a younger child and talk about character issues.  It's never too early to instill good character in a child.
I loved the two dogs playing tug of war on page 47.  Under the picture it reads..."Two dogs playing tug of war:  It is about having fun. It doesn't matter who wins .  These two dogs will stay best friends."  Oh!  that we would teach our children the "fun" of life and that sports, the arts and many more life issues are for our teaching.  We can still be friends with those we play with/against.  Now that's true character!
This is an excellent 5 star book for parents, teachers and children alike!
*I reviewed this book for Reader's Favorites.com*

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  1. Sounds like a good book! There are some people (adults and kids) on my Christmas list who would like a book like this.