The Narrow Path by Gail Sattler

The Narrow Path
Book Description:  Miranda feels like she’s been transported back to Little House On The Prairie, and Ted’s head spins when Miranda reads the Bible on her cell phone. Yet Miranda Klassen and Ted Wiebe must find a way to make peace to meet their common goal to open the doors of Ted’s Old Order Mennonite church and community. Will they also find love in the process?

My Review:  It's been a long time since I've seen a new book out by a favorite author, Gail Sattler.  So, when I saw this book I immediately grabbed it!  WOW!  I was hooked from page one.  
This is a refreshing read about old ways meeting new ways, man meets woman, man is NOT impressed, woman is too modern.  Gail actually writes in the tone of the Mennonite ways (not an easy feat).  It was surprising to learn that the Mennonites have the new, the old and the in-between sects.  
Miranda and Ted come from two different worlds but they share the same faith.  Ted is a "true" Mennonite in that he is very frugal and focused on the law of the Book.  Miranda loves her Mennonite heritage but enjoys the modern ways in which she was raised.  She lives by the grace of the Book.  Heart felt christianity and food (warning: wonderful smells emanate from the pages) were the main topics in this fabulous read with music and romance playing second fiddle.  
This read will increase your faith and make you laugh.  I read this book in one day . . . I simply couldn't put it down.  So good . . .  like eating a GREAT apple streusel!
A great-tastic 100 star read! 

*I reviewed this book from my home library*

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