The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen

The Mailbox: A NovelBook Description:  Centered on a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina, The Mailbox blends intriguing folklore and true faith with raw contemporary issues that affect every woman.
When Lindsey Adams first visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox at Sunset Beach, she has no idea that twenty years later she will still be visiting the mailbox--still pouring out her heart in letters that summarize the best and worst parts of her life.
Returning to Sunset for her first vacation since her husband left her, Lindsey struggles to put her sorrow into words. Memories surface of her first love, Campbell--and the rejection that followed. When Campbell reappears in her life, Lindsey must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain. The Mailbox is a rich novel about loss, hope, and the beauty of second chances.

My Review:   Ever since second grade I love to receive mail in my mailbox.   There's a sense of adventure and something I don't count bills .  Since I love my mailbox I quickly picked The Mailbox to read and review.  The Mailbox is a sweet, fast read.  Lindsey, the main heroine, has a great sense of sadness as she deals with her husband leaving. She decides to come to grips with "getting on" with her life.  But with so much sadness, she doesn't know how to deal with it all.  That's when she remembers the Mailbox.  She has fond memories of the Kindred Spirit (the name of the Mailbox)  and decides to write what I call short memoirs. She pours her heart out on paper.  As she writes she begins to remember her first love who also reappears in her life.  Writing helps her adjust and deal with her life.  This is a clean, fun romance.  A captivating story dealing with hope, fresh beginnings and sweet romance.   This story captivated me from page one and hope you'll take time to check out this 5 star read too.

*I reviewed this book for B & B Media Group*

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