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I love PaperBack simply because it's easy to trade books I no longer want to keep.  

PaperBack Swap is a Trade In of used books.  Sometimes, one must wait for a best seller or new book to become available.  However, "older" books seem to be more readily available.  I've always received nice books, sometimes almost new.

I've traded my books for books  I missed or books I now want to read.  To celebrate summer reading I'm giving YOU the chance to read a book you may have"missed." 

*ONE Winner will be drawn from on the 26th.

I'm giving away - one book to one winner - your choice of the following:

1.  Sisterchicks Down Under - Robin Jones Gunn
Kathleen joins her husband for a three-month trip to New Zealand when he’s hired by a film studio in Wellington. Leaving behind all that is familiar in her comfortable corner in Southern California, she realizes that the past twenty years have been so tightly woven into the life of her only daughter that she’s not sure who she is on her own or with her husband. In her isolation, Kathleen begins to contemplate reinventing herself, but before her crazy schemes take flight, she meets Jill at the Chocolate Fish café. Even though the two women are very different at first glance, they find they share a common Sisterchick heart and instantly forge a friendship that takes them on a journey where both Kathleen and Jill find that God has returned to them the truest part of themselves that was set aside so many years ago.

 SISTERCHICK TM n.: a friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you’re being a brat.

2.  Deeper Water (Tides of Truth) - Robert Whitlow
The Tides of Truth novels follow one lawyer's passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law.

In the murky waters of Savannah's shoreline, a young law student is under fire as she tries her first case at a prominent and established law firm. A complex mix of betrayal and deception quickly weaves its way through the case and her life, as she uncovers dark and confusing secrets about the man she's defending--and the senior partners of the firm.

How deep will the conspiracy run? Will she have to abandon her true self to fulfill a higher calling? And how far will she have to go to discover the truth behind a tragic cold case?

3.  First Impressions (Austen Series, Bk.1) - Debra White Smith

Loosely based on the beloved Pride and Prejudice, Debra White Smith’s First Impressions weaves a spell–binding, modern–day tale on the challenges and rewards of love.Eddi Boswick has just settled in Texas to establish her law practice. Joining a local theater group, she is thrilled when she is given the role of Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.
William "Dave" Davidson III amassed a fortune in the computer industry but leads a quiet life on his ranch. On a dare he tries out for the play and lands the role of Darcy.
Sparks fly each time the lawyer meets the rancher. When Eddi uncovers Dave’s secret will her heart soften? Will Dave’s fear of "being tamed" keep him from discovering love?
4.  In Sheep's Clothing - Susan May Warren
On the run from the murderer of her best friends, missionary Gracie Benson is all alone in Siberia. What she doesn't know is that she has in her possession a medical secret that will save millions of lives--or cost hers. Trying to keep her alive is an FSB agent, a man pursued by his own demons, including a killer who destroyed his father's life. He and Gracie find themselves in a decades-old mystery of betrayal and Cold War secrets. Only with the help of their friends--a group of Americans and Russians committed to freedom--can they outwit the old guard...and save Gracie's secret, as well as her life.

5.  Book of Hours - T. Davis Bunn

Brian thought he had no future. Now he has the chance to start over...if he can solve the mysteries of the past found inside Castle Keep.

After his wife’s death, Brian Blackstone’s days and hours had become a meaningless blur. He finally wills himself to go to the English village of Knightsbridge to confront the inheritance he doesn’t want to claim. His wife had insisted that Castle Keep was a place of enchantment, and urged him to hold on to the crumbling property. Impoverished and alone, Brian feels only the despair of trying to honor her dying wish.
Then a mysterious letter sends Brian on a search to find the secrets of the ancient estate. And the local doctor, Cecilia Lyons, soon becomes an ally in the fight to save Castle Keep before it can be auctioned off.
Before he comes to the end of his quest, Brian will unearth the crumbling English manor’s secrets as well as find his own life in jeopardy. But it is Brian’s internal quest that proves the most dificult as he desperately searches for renewal and healing.

 from PaperBack Swap.  If you are the winner you'll need to pick a book from the above list.


  1. I think In Sheep's Clothing sounds great. I already read all the Sisterchick books and loved them!
    derekannette at gmail dot com

  2. I am a gfc follower. I would like to read first impressions.

  3. Oh Tammy, Choices Choices! Well.....

    I guess I'll pick In Sheep's Clothing. It sounds right up my alley. With my son studying Russian and my love of mystery,espionage,and intrigue, this is the book for me.

  4. Greetings,
    Great giveaway.
    I'm your follower.
    I also think In Sheep's Clothing would be super.
    Have a blessed day,
    Trinity Rose

    wandaelaine at gmail dot com

  5. My choice would be: First Impressions (Austen Series, Bk.1) - Debra White Smith
    My email address is


  6. I'd love to try the sisterchick series!
    We posted about your giveaway at Winning Readings.


  7. I follow via GFC

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

    Book of Hours - T. Davis Bunn sounds good..

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  8. Hi,

    Thanx for this giveaway. Great Idea.

    My pick will be First Impressions (Austen Series, Bk.1) - Debra White Smith

    Thnx for this again. I am you GFC follower.


  9. I would pick First Impressions. I'm a follower. bluerose_shelnut(at)yahoo(dot)com

  10. I'm a follower! I'm interested in "First Impressions (Austen Series, Bk. 1)" by Debra White Smith.



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  12. Would you please delete my entry because I am from Canada, sorry for your time.

  13. First Impressions (Austen Series, Bk.1) - Debra White Smith sounds really good! Please enter me! I am a follower using GFC. Thanks! God bless!

    ~Katie G.

    katiegalyean (@) yahoo (.) com

  14. I would love to read Book of Hours. Thank you!
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  15. Sisterchicks Down Under - Robin Jones Gunn
    would be my choice thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  16. I would choose Book of Hours, But they all sound great.

    I follow

    robinribbit at yahoo dot com

    What a great way to trade books Thanks for the idea.