Flight on Fire Mountain by Tim Lane with Janet Ware

Flight on Fire MountainBook Description:   Josh looked back at the valley. The fire was halfway up the mountain. He had noticed the smoke intensify in the clearing while he was adding weights to the harness, but knew time was too critical to check the progress the fire had made in the valley. It was coming whether he was ready to launch or not. He worked frantically while not looking up.
For Josh, a seventeen-year-old paraglider, the past year has been a time of change and adjustment. After his parents’ divorce, Josh struggles with his new relationships with his stepfamily and is torn by his loyalty to both parents.
On his way to deliver a paraglider for his father, Josh is caught in a raging forest fire as it blasts through the San Bernardino Mountains. He seeks refuge in a cabin, but the flames soon consume it. As a last resort, Josh is forced to take flight in high winds in a glider that was made for someone his father’s size. His frantic flight against time and the elements becomes even more complicated when he encounters a terrified eight-year-old camper, Theresa Rodriguez, who has been separated from her family and is trapped on a mountain trail.
Does Josh have the skills necessary to carry out the dangerous tandem flight before the raging inferno engulfs them?
My Review: Flight on Fire Mountain is an interesting YA story about paragliding. The story also deals with divorce and dealing with "steps." 
The one aspect of the story I thought was exceptional was the matter of ALWAYS wearing a helmet for sports . . . one clip in the story gives a visual of a young man's life G-O-N-E because he didn't think it looked cool to wear a helmet while skateboarding.  He now will be a paralyzed for life with death trying to close in on him  because of infections.  Life issues of parents divorcing is a secondary subject but coming of age and rescuing himself (Josh) and a young girl is the real story.  Josh is feeling misplaced and somewhat defeated because he feels that his dad shouldn't have left him and his mom to fend for themselves.  However, he and his dad paraglide together despite the life issues surrounding them. 
 I felt the use of slang terms were not necessary for this book (since it is geared towards 9-12 year olds) or that it was necessary for adults to drink wine and beer. For these reasons I give the book 3 stars.  A church camp is mentioned in this book as are indirect references to praying and God intervening; however, this read is not classified as a christian book.  The storyline is fine with some action but this is a short, not-much-meat book.  If slang terms don't bother you or that people drink liquor then you may enjoy this read.  Not a "bad" read just lacking that something "special."  

*I reviewed this book for Reader's Favorites*

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