The Umbrella Race by Gerry Thomas

Book Description: Melyssa has a magic umbrella named Rainbow. It came from a store where all the umbrellas were sprinkled with magic dust.They can move around and speak whenever it rains.

The story tells of an adventure Rainbow and Melyssa have one rainy day.

My Review:  The Umbrella Race is a sweet, fast-paced book for young readers.  Melyssa has an umbrella named Rainbow!  Rainbow wants to go for a walk and just as he and Melyssa step outside it begins to rain.  This begins the adventure.  With wind blowing and the rain coming down other umbrellas embark outside too. Of course, Rainbow meets up with his friends and together fun ensues. 
What Melyssa doesn't realize is that Rainbow is from a special, magical store; thus, Rainbow isn't your ordinary umbrella!  The fun-filled adventures of Melyssa and Rainbow are sure to delight any child.  The bright, colorful illustrations that show beautiful and ordinary umbrellas brings us into an  umbrella community.  The children's and umbrella's faces depict the fun that is going on in this fantasy world. A cute 5 star story with a surprising ending.  

*I reviewed this book for Reader's*

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