{Litfuse Blog Tour} The Rhythm of Secrets by Patti Lacy

Book Description:  Sheila Franklin has masqueraded as the precocious daughter of avant-garde parents in colorful 1940s New Orleans, a teen desperate for love and acceptance, and an unwed mother sent North with her shame. 

After marrying Edward, Sheila artfully masks her secrets, allowing Edward to gain prominence as a conservative pastor. When one phone call from a disillusioned Vietnam veteran destroys her cover, Sheila faces an impossible choice: save her son and his beloved…or imperil Edward’s ambitions.

Inspired by a true story, The Rhythm of Secrets intermingles jazz, classical, and sacred music in a symphony trumpeting God’s grace.

My Review:  The story begins with Sheila playing the piano, trying to get her practice in before choir practice at the church. The church where her husband pastors.  And then she receives a phone call.  A call that she's waited for and wondered about for years.  As the story progresses the reader awaits with bated breath to see what is going to happen.  The secret that Sheila has hidden for years comes to visit her.  A son!  
Thankfully her pastor husband, Edward must leave for a speaking engagement which leaves Sheila at home by herself.  This is where the story takes off . . . the intrigue, the secrets, the shame and the forgiveness.
I'll be honest I really didn't care for Sheila's husband, Edward, at the beginning of the read.  He seemed so pompous, high-minded and totally full of himself.  But as the story progresses Edward becomes a tower of strength of Sheila.
Ah!  The rhythm of the music in this read is pure New Orleans.  The jazz, the classics and of course, the music of the church. 
It's hard to believe that people can be so narrow minded and so biased against another human.  The color of one's skin should not be the justification of the person's heart.  At times I simply seethed with indignation (a great sign that an author can bring forth such emotion).  The injustices!  The hatred!  The selfishness!  The angry!  The love!  The forgiveness!
This is an incredible story!  The intrigue was almost too much to bear at times.  I felt tears well up in my eyes as I read about Sheila's life as a girl.  But the most intriguing part of this whole read is that it is based upon the true story of a true-to-life-girl just like Sheila.  And that is why my heart was stirred. 
This is one of those!  But do set aside time for this read because this read requires concentration and you'll, need to finish this story!  A 5 star read for those who enjoy intrigue, adventure and forgiveness. 
*This book was provided for review by the publisher for LitFuse Group*

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  1. Tammy, thanks for the LOVELY review! East Texas, huh? My mom lives in Tyler, and I did a signing two years ago at the B&N.

    Would love to become FB friends when you have time!

    Thanks for inviting me into this cozy book parlor!

  2. This books sounds intriguing, putting it on my to read list.