The Earth Its Structures And Its Changes

Book Description:  Experience the science of fun!
This fourth book in the 3rd through 6th grade Investigate the Possibilities series makes teaching Earth science a delight!
Explore the planet like never before with 20 fun and educational experiments, highlighted throughout this full-color book. The learning progression helps students engage, investigate, explain, apply, expand, and assess the scientific principles, and is filled with helpful images, diagrams, and inexpensive activities.

Guide students to discover... 
Why caves and sinkholes form 
What is in the soil we walk on every day 
How warning signs are present prior to volcanic eruptions 
What tests can be used to identify rocks

This comprehensive series makes the study of God's creation both enjoyable and educational!
My Review:  The Earth Its Structure & Its Changes is a fabulous book with bright, colorful illustrations for the student to understand what is being taught.  It is also the fourth book in "The Investigate The Possibilities" series and is geared toward the 3rd-6th grade.
The first experiment on pages 10/11 is an experiment that we truly enjoyed!  We made a model of the interior of the earth.  Four different colors of modeling clay are used.  Using modeling clay, toothpicks and strips of paper the student can make the interior of the earth.  
There are 20 experiments for the student to learn about God's creation  using different techniques each time. The main areas of each investigation include engage, explain, apply, expand and assess. The experiments included in this book were the "best" part of the book that we enjoyed. Then after doing an experiment the student is able to do the action part or the What Did You Learn (expand section). The authors realize that children learn in different styles; therefore, the expand section gives different topics and learning styles that will compliment what they have already learned. 
Learning is made fun with all the experiments.  As a mom, though, I was impressed how much my 10 year old son took in from the hands-on learning than just from reading information.  
Whether you're a homeschool mom seeking a great science curriculum or just need some learning activities for your class or child you'll be glad you invested in this 5 star book.
*I reviewed this book for New Leaf Press*

This is the Parent/Teacher's Guide

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The Earth: Its Structure & Its Changes is a study of the fascinating worl ...

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