{Litfuse Blog Tour} Made to Crave- Satsfying Your Deepest Desire With God and Not Food by Lysa TerKeurst

Book Description:  Just because a woman finally fits into her skinny jeans doesn't mean she's won her battle with food. Too often, women overlook the spiritual component to their physical struggle with healthy eating. Made to Crave taps into the desires God gave you to consume food without letting food consume you!  

My Review:  I'll admit that I opened this book with some trepidation.  No.  I'm not a skinny teenager anymore.  I'm a mature mom.  But what drew me into this book was simply the title, "Made To Crave-Satsfying Your Deepest Desire With God and Not Food."  Sounds simple enough so I began reading.
And I found out that Lysa, too, has been through this yo-yo weight watchers regime. But more than that we ARE made to crave.  No, not chocolate.  A relationship with our Heavenly Father.  And  when we weigh in at the food counter instead of the Word counter we come up short and began plying ourselves with food.....sometimes those comfort calories add to more than their weight in gold.  Thus, we become dissatisfied with ourselves and life when we could have simply prayed and delved into His Word instead of plying ourselves with unwanted and unnecessary calories.
Yes, there has to be a workable plan and Lisa gives us one.  Yes, it requires time, energy and a life change on my part. And it also requires that, sometimes, I make a conscious effort to not put another bite into my mouth.  But most of all my daily regime must include time with HIM.  And when I make time I truly feel less hungry and discouraged because God does satisfy my deepest desires like no food can!
This is more than a's change in my lifestyle to include daily time communing with my Father.  I believe that all women need to read this encouraging and life changing 5 star read!  You'll also enjoy learning more about communing with God as you lose weight and Lysa's humor makes for a great read!
Don't be intimidated there's nothing to fear except a life change like no other!  And best of all  God doesn't require skinny jeans!
*I reviewed this book for Litfuse Publicity Group*

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About the Author:
Lysa TerKeurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the author of twelve 
books (including a Gold Medallion finalist and a People's Choice Award finalist) and 
numerous magazine articles. She has told her remarkable life story on national television 
and radio, including Oprah and Good Morning America. She lives in North Carolina 
with her husband and five children. 

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  1. I'm always interested in a book that will help me on my quest to lose weight, but I also am on a quest to know and please God better. This book addresses both issues. Looking forward to reading it.