Thunderfoot By Robert Hewett. Sr.

Book Description:  This is a fictional story of a Kentucky Thoroughbred loaned to the Pony Express by a Kentucky breeder with great reluctance and sorrow. Thunderfoot was the horse of his dreams. His love for his country was the only force powerful enough to make him let go of this horse, and he wanted him back when his tour with the Pony Express was over. In this short story Thunderfoot proves his greatness as he encounters flooded rivers, Indian attacks, and other adversities before he returns to Kentucky.

My Review:  Jim and his horse, Thunderfoot, are approached by the army to be a part of the Pony Express.  The army wants to buy Thunderfoot but Jim won't part with his friend, Thunderfoot.
So, reluctantly Jim agrees to "loan" Thunderfoot to the Pony Express. Jim and Thunderfoot have many adventures as the mail must go through!  Forging rivers, running against time and Indian attacks! There are black and white pictures of Indians (these look like true photographs from an era gone by).  Then there's a race....how will Thunderfoot run?
From the adventures children learn about the Pony Express and another time and another place that took place in American history.
There is a lot of Indian history for children in this book.  The history would be a great asset for children in grades 2-5.  The way the Indian tribe helps Jim and Thunderfoot is interesting and somewhat "true."
This is a short read----9 short chapters with 48 pages. Also, an original story not something that is a repeat or simply a retelling of some "other" story.
If your child likes horse and history then this is a  5 star book for them to read.  Also, makes a great book to go along with your homeschooling history.  

*I reviewed this book for Readers Favorite.com*

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