Chef Joey’s Cupcake Creation by Brenda L. Tuttle

Book Description:  Want to learn how cupcakes are made? Chef Joey will show you how to create delicious chocolate cupcakes in a sweet and interactive baking adventure that will bring children and parents together. A great start for beginning bakers, Chef Joey's Cupcake Creation brings fun and innovation to the children's kitchen. Happy Baking! 

My Review:  Ah!  The adventure of baking.  This interactive book brings the young reader to the heart of a baker's palace-The Kitchen.  
The reader meets Chef Joey as a baby and then we skip a few years ahead to an older Chef Joey walking down a grocery store aisle.  This is where children learn what ingredients go into a cake mix.  The ingredients for a sweet treat are included in this read.  Then on to mixing, baking and icing the treat.  The sweet treat that the reader learns to make is a chocolate cupcake!  Yum! for a neat treat that I can make by myself!
Cupcake facts are also included at the end of this read.  My favorite fact is: "Cupcakes were named because they are a small cake that is the same size as a teacup."  Makes one feel like having a cup of tea to go with that wonderful cupcake.
Children ages 6-10 are going to like this fun 5 star read.  The illustrations are cute, colorful and full of energy.  The process of buying ingredients, mixing and baking are great for a family adventure of learning!
This is a sturdy book so young ones can follow the recipe and then if the book is dribbled on it can be wiped off.  
This is one of those books that makes a wonderful gift for a young.to.be.chef.  And included in the purchase of this book is a free audio book digital download posted at the very end of the book.  

*I reviewed this book for Readers Favorites.com*

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