the Case of the Missing Mountain by Kim Jones

Book Description: Join in this action-packed mystery that provides explosive fun and exciting activities!
You are the detective in search of answers, and they are all around you:

Enjoy the mix of activities and research that unveils some of the most amazing evidences for Creation! 
Uncover clues and solve eight energizing mysteries, all centered around Mount St. Helens! 
Learn about young-Earth creation concepts in the most entertaining and informative way!

Filled with secret codes to solve, mazes to wander, and crossword puzzles to decipher, this is a must-have book. Use the spark of curiosity and see the miraculous power of God at work in the world.
Here is an excellent way for adults to interact with their children or students in order to help them understand how the Flood was more than able to reshape the world at the time of Noah. Let's get going!

My Review:  The Case of the Missing Mountain by Kim Jones is a full-color educational activity book for kids ages 7-11. The reader solves the word scrambles, word finds, mazes, codes, and crossword puzzles to complete the clues and fill in the sentences. The reader learns about the eruption on Mount St. Helens in 1980 and related events that happened afterward by doing the activities.  There is not an answer key in this book but if you go to Kim's author blog the answers are there.  
This is a book that requires an adult to help the child with the activities.  One of the activities is building a vinegar-baking powder volcano.   This is just  one of the fun activities that a child can do to learn more about volcanoes.  The activities can be messy and the author has kindly labeled the activity with a WARNING sign if it is going to be very messy.  The warning is great so that the parent can prepare in advance for better cleanup.  There are wonderful, full color illustrations of Mount Saint Helens, rock formations and more.
The mysteries that need to be solved are: 
1. how the mountain lost it's top (about the first part of the eruption),
2. what damage was done by the melted ice and snow off the mountain (the later part of the eruption),
3. how a 60-foot cliff was formed,
4. what damage the mudslides caused (includes information on the formation of the Little Grand Canyon, Engineer's Canyon, and the North Fork Toutle River System),
5. Spirit Lake and the Floating Forest,
6. how the canyons were carved out quickly, 
7. how quickly the plants grew back and the animals returned, 
8. how what we saw at Mount St. Helens can help us better understand what happened during and after Noah's Flood. 
My fifth grade son loved this book and all the activities that are included.  His most favorite part though was constructing a volcano and watching it "blow."  
This is a great asset when studying volcanoes or simply to incorporate into a study of Science.  As a parent, I loved that my child was learning about volcanoes from a christian/biblical viewpoint!
So, come join Mystery Rangers Jack and Jen as together we learn about God's creation!  Don't miss  this 5 star book!

*I reviewed this book for New Leaf Publishing Group a Division of Master Books*

About the Author:

Adventure called! Kim answered! National Park Ranger Kim Jones lived adventure in her job as park ranger in Washington! Interpreting the mysteries of science and history to park visitors, Kim's love of nature and adventure met a perfect match! With this perfect match of science and adventure however, there was a hidden challenge...
Raised in a godly home, Kim became a Christian at a young age. She treasured God's word and was interested in the study of creation. However, in her park ranger job, Kim's faith and belief in creation was challenged! The answer to that challenge came from an unexpected place...a mountain that had been blown to bits!
Exploring the far reaches of Washington and Oregon during her time off, Kim discovered the Seven Wonders Creation Museum near Mt. St. Helens, in Washington. The jaw-dropping evidences of creation that she learned there helped reinforce Kim's faith and spurred her on to work at the museum and assist in guided tours of the volcanic area the next summer. That summer was when the "Mystery Ranger Series" was born.
Kim's trail adventures along life's path also include being a fourth grade teacher, curriculum designer and teacher for outdoor school programs, Park Naturalist, assistant backcountry guide and counselor and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Outdoor Education.
Kim's passion for teaching children about God's Creation in nature through hands-on experiential fun-filled activities can be seen in her first book in the Mystery Ranger Series, "Mystery Rangers: The Case of the Missing Mountain!"
Kim enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and continues teaching about God's Creation through writing, hands-on natural interpretation, games, team building and public speaking.


  1. Thanks for sharing this review! Love your writing and creativity! (: I appreciate you taking your time to write it! (: Have an awesome day!

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  2. Tammy, I love this! It makes me wish it was available when my sons were little. It sounds so interesting. I'd also like to go to Oregon and see Mount Saint Helens and the Creation Museum.

    Let's see who can I give this too...