Where Hearts Are Free by Golden Keyes Pasrsons

Book Description:  Bridget is in love with one man...and promised to another.
Amid the liberty and promise of the New World, Bridget Barrington and Phillipe Clavell fall in love. But nothing about their love seems possible.
To pay for the Clavell family's passage from France, Philippe, a former member of French royalty, worked as an indentured slave to the Barringtons. Bridget is the heiress of the prominent plantation.
When Bridget's parents discover the budding Romance between their daughter and their servant, they quickly orchestrate her engagement to an older, more advantageous match. But Edward Moorehead has a secret. And he's anything but a good match for Bridget.
Separated from her true love and in danger from her betrothed, Bridget must rely on God to deliver her from darkness into light.
Gold Keyes Parsons is an author as well as a popular conference and retreat leader. Her first series is the highly acclaimed Darkness to Light trilogy. She and her family live in Texas.

My Review:  Another new author for me, Golden Keyes Parsons. I  just loved the name of the author.  I could imagine that her computer has the "golden touch" as she types her stories.  the cover of Where Hearts Are Free is both beautiful and gives a hint of what lies in the covers of this wonderful read!
Where Hearts Are Free is another read set in Texas.  I just love reading all these stories with Texas as the backdrop.  Of course, I may be partial to Texas
This story is the third book in this set.  I didn't read books one and two but I easily read book three as a stand a lone book.  If I go back and read books one and two I may see that the books go together but having read book 3 by itself I see no "back references" to the previous two books.
Bridget is a young woman who is spirited and definitely knows her own mind.  However, she also has a gentle and loving spirit.  Her gentle and loving spirit helps her to recognize that the "older gentleman" her father has picked as her husband is not a good match for  her.  Her struggles to make her own marriage match is what this story is about.
Faith in God, trusting one's own self and a good friend are the keys to Bridget making her own marriage match.
The "older gentleman", Edward Moorehead, is not what he seems.  He seems to be a man of wealth and a gentleman.  However, Bridget, sees through his disguise and discovers another faucet of this gentleman.  
Bridget and her childhood friend, Phillippe, are compatible and long to have more than friendship.  But Phillippe is a man of character and Bridget's father does not approve of him. 
Bridget must find her own way and this 4 star read is all about her grand adventure.  And the two men whom she must choose betwixt---one for her parents approval and one for her own approval.
If you're looking for a "golden" well thought out story then be sure to pick up this great read!

*I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson/BookSneeze*

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