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The Black Madonna
Book Description: Following the internationally acclaimed Gold of Kings, Storm Syrrell returns in the compelling story of The Black Madonna. Antiques expert Storm Syrrell heads to Europe to investigate the clandestine trade in religious artifacts. She dismisses superstitious tales of miraculous healings and divine omens. Yet when an obsessive Russian oligarch calls—just as her friend Harry Bennett vanishes—all assumptions must be cast aside. Storm seeks answers in a medieval monastery. There, the scarred visage of an icon provokes ever more startling questions. Is she prepared to confront both earthly and spiritual powers? Storm remains haunted by lessons in love and betrayal that lie just outside her grasp. But hesitation now holds mortal consequences.

My Review:  I enjoyed reading Gold of Kings!  So I was super excited to read The Black Madonna by Davis Bunn.  Davis Bunn is another favorite author of mine.  I love the suspense and imagery he presents in his books. 
The Black Madonna is a wonderful read with a great cast of characters.  In The Gold of Kings we met Storm, Harry and Emma.  To me, this read doesn't "take up" where Gold of Kings left off.  In fact, I would say that The Black Madonna is easily a "stand alone" book.  
To be honest I was somewhat hesitant to read The Black Madonna after reading The Gold of Kings because The Gold of Kings was a long, at times slightly tedious read for me.  But I really like Storm, Harry and Emma AND wanted to read more about them.  SO, glad I did!
Storm is a sensible-stand-by-your-instincts kind of gal.  Emma is a true friend and Harry.  Harry is just.plain.intriguing!  But now we have "another man" in The Black Madonna who is just as bull headed as Storm!
I absolutely LOVED this book!  And was SO glad I didn't judge this read by the first book.  Not to say Gold Of Kings wasn't good just different from this read.  
The Black Madonna is a story based around THE black Madonna, a statue of Mary in which she is depicted to have dark skin especially those created in the medieval of earlier periods of history. This story is fashioned around finding this priceless heirloom as well as the Amethyst Clock.  
Great characters, fast paced action and so more!  One twist after another and I was never sure (just couldn't guess) what was in store for this trio!  
This fabulous read also had a lot of interesting history.  I learned so much about antiques, auctions and the history of mythical pieces which were centered around many superstitions.  
The romance in this read is just.enough.  Sweet, kind and somewhat like the antiques they seek---plain interesting!
Even if you haven't read The Gold of Kings you'll not want to miss The Black Madonna.  Hoping, that maybe, there will be a next book about the Amethyst Clock!
Davis Bunn has done it again!  A truly amazing read!  A definite 20 star read!

*I reviewed this book for Glass Road Relations*

About the Author:  T. Davis Bunn was born in North Carolina but became an international financial expert and worked throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Bunn is a writer of historical fiction and legal thrillers that are heavily rooted in Christian faith. He has co-written novels with Canadian author Janette Oke, as well as a few with his wife Isabella. He has also written under the penname of Thomas Locke. Bunn has won three Christy Awards for his books Drummer in the Dark, The Great Divide, and The Meeting Place.
Currently, he and his wife, Isabella, live in Oxford, England where he is a Novelist-in-residence at Oxford University.

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  1. Nice review. I had never heard of this author. Thanks for sharing.