SCARS by Patience Prence

SCARS: An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel
Book Description:    Sixteen-year-old Rebekah Silver is your average teenager living in Southern California. She worries only about learning her cheerleading routines and passing her math test. But as world dictators rise to power and devastating disasters claim millions of lives she is inspired to search for answers. Becky soon discovers her world is quickly coming to an end, just as it was prophesied. Now she must decide whether to risk her life to follow the laws of God or surrender her soul to the law of man in this action-packed thriller.

Will Becky survive?

My Review:  SCARS is an end time prophesy read.  A brand new author for me and a fairly new line of thinking too.  I've read and studied the book of Revelations in church like most Christians; however, SCARS opened up a new line of thinking.
This is an intriguing read about a young girl and her life in the End Times.
This over-the edge-writing is fascinating and keeps one turning the pages
There a lot of scripture references in the story and the author was good at keeping the story line about the End Times.  This, to me, would be a hard subject to write as a fiction work.  The author did a good job of keeping her subject close to the Book.
It does create THE QUESTION "What Would I Do If This Came to Pass?"
Interesting and Intriguing!

*The author generously sent me a copy of this book to review.*

About the Author: 

Patience Prence is a gifted writer who was fascinated by the book of Revelation as a young child. She has studied Revelation and end-time prophecies for many years. A lifelong Christian and businesswoman, she orients her research and knowledge toward helping others understand God's Word.
Patience is legally blind and suffers from Usher Syndrome, a disease that causes hearing loss and blindness (Retinitis Pigmentosa).

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  1. I love "end-of-time" books. It may or may not happen, guess we'll see, but it makes for intriguing stories in the meantime.

    Great review.