Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe

Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe
Book Description:  Two Christmas stories - one historical, one contemporary - under one cover.  Love Finds You under the Mistletoe: An Appalachian Christmas

A promise to her dying sister compels Julia Mayfield to take her young nephew to Mistletoe, Kentucky, a tiny town tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains. Sparks fly when she meets David Armstrong, a World War II veteran like herself. Even as shadows from the past weave a dangerous web around Julia and David, will their love flourish like the mistletoe that blankets the nearby hills?
Love Finds You under the Mistletoe: Once Upon a Christmas Eve
Hollie Goodnight's store has just been voted best Christmas shop in America. All the new publicity draws flamboyant novelist Van Keaton to the cozy town of Noel, Missouri, demanding to write Hollie's story - a dramatic tale of misfortune and triumph. She is swept up in his world of beautiful words and fanciful interludes. . .until Owen Quigly, her lifelong best friend, launches a plan to win her back. 

My Review:  I love the cover of this book!  If I had seen this book on the shelf in the store I would definitely pick it up and buy it!  This book is slightly different than the other Love Finds You . . . this book has TWO stories in one book!  How cool is that!  
I began reading the first story, An Appalachian Christmas, by Irene Brand and was immediately immersed in the story of Julia and her toddler nephew, Bobby.  Julia, being the ever loving  sister, has taken on the responsibility of her sister's dying wish to take Bobby to see his paternal grandparents who don't even know he exists!  
Julia encounters one problem after another in her trip but then along comes her "answer to prayer." David not only saves the day he turns out to be a lifesaver in helping Julia and Bobby.  
Julia preserves even when "all" seems lost.  
Oh, and I just love Granny!  She reminds me of the true grandmother!  Loving, kind, helpful and ready to always help in a pinch.
This story actually takes place right after WWII.  Many interesting facts about WACs and soldiers.  
BUT WAIT there's more!
The next story, Once Upon A Christmas, by Anita Higman, was like drinking my favorite sweet tea!  A loving story with just a hint of lemon.  Not too sweet but with the just the right amount of sugar to make this a great-tastic read!  This modern day story is about a lovely young lady Holly and  her father, Albert.  
Her father, a shop owner, found Holly on his doorstep when someone knocked and left a sweet baby in a basket on his doorstep.  Albert Goodnight, a sweet loving man, adopts Holly, the sweet baby in the basket.
Holly enjoys working in her father's store and then the store is voted the number one Christmas store in America.  Publicity brings Van, a novelist/author, to Holly's store.  He falls for Holly but Holly's longtime friend, Owen, realizes he may need to fight for Holly.  Hmmmm, think you know the ending to this story??
I loved the reading about the two men and Holly....loved the contrasts written about Van and Owen.  Two different personalities who are vying for one woman.  One woman who loves deeply with her "whole heart."
Also, fell for Holly's sweet, loving father.  Made me wish I lived in a small town with great neighbors like those in this book!  
I enjoyed reading both of these 5 star stories by two great authors!  
You can judge this book by it's cover!  A wonderful read. . . one you'll not want to miss!
This also makes a lovely present for that reader on your Christmas list!  I  loved this book!

*The authors generously gave me a copy of this book to review*

Meet the Authors:

Irene Brand

In a writing career spanning three decades, Irene has won numerous awards and published 45 books that have sold more than two million copies. Irene primarily writes inspirational romances, but she has also published nonfiction books, devotional materials, and magazine articles. Before she became a full-time writer, Irene taught for 23 years in public schools. Her other passions include traveling (she has visited all 50 states and 35 foreign countries) and history (she holds a Master’s Degree in the subject). Her published titles include Where Morning DawnsListen to Your Heart, and theKentucky Brides collection. Irene is an active member of her church and is affiliated with several writing organizations. She is a lifelong resident of West Virginia, where she lives with her husband, Rod.

Anita Higman

Anita Higman is the author of 24 books, including fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and plays. Among her published romance titles are Larkspur DreamsThe Love Song, and Castles in the Air, all coauthored with Janice A. Thompson. Her mysteries include Another Stab at Life and Another Hour to Kill. Anita is a member of ACFW and the Christian Humor Writers’ Group, and she has been recognized for her involvement in literacy programs. A Texan for the past 24 years, Anita has coauthored an award-winning book about her home state, A Tribute to Early Texas. She lives with her family near Houston.

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  1. Thanks, Tammy. I appreciate your kind words. God bless you in your work. Irene Brand