Seek Me With All Your Heart(A Land of Canaan Series) by Beth Wiseman

Book Description:  What would cause the Amish to move to Colorado, leaving family and friends behind?  Some Amish are making the trek to Colorado for cheaper land. Others are fleeing strict bishops with long memories. For Emily Detweiler and her family, the move is more personal. Tragedy struck Emily in Ohio, shaking loose everything she believed was firm, including her faith. Her family took the bold step of leaving Ohio to resettle in a small Amish community in Canaan, Colorado, where they hope the distance will help erase painful memories. David Stoltzfus's family moved to Colorado for reasons he doesn't understand. But Canaan is turning out to be something other than the promised land they all anticipated. Fearing that a health condition will cut his life short, David plans to return home to Paradise, Pennsylvania, as soon as he can. But then he meets Emily, who stirs feelings in his heart despite his apprehension about the future. Emily's growing love for David surprises her, but she fears that he will find out the truth about her past and reject her. But what if the truth is that they are made for each other? And that God longs to give them the desires of their hearts if only they will seek Him first?

My Review:  This is a new, refreshing read about the Amish coming.of.age! Emily is ready to leave the tragedy and sadness of Ohio.  So off to Canaan, Colorado she and her family go to join other Amish families on a trek for affordable land and a new start.
Emily has a strong inner will that seems to get her through the toughest times but yet at times she questions her worth.  
Then David also comes to town with his family.  David has poor health and fears that his life may not have worth.  Thus, David and Emily find out that God has other plans.
David plans to return to Paradise, Pennsylvania for he thinks that's where he needs to be; however, he meets Emily.  Intrigued David's heart is stirred by Emily.  Emily has "unwanted" feelings for David.  If he really knew her and her past could he truly love her?  But yet she finds herself drawn to David.  
So, now Emily and David are in Canaan.  Canaan, Colorado that is!  And wonderful things are in store for those who have traveled and made it to Canaan!  
There are other well developed characters in this read who give strong support to this very believable read about the Amish community and their beliefs.  Love, humor, tribulations and faith are all aspects of this!
This is a fantastic 5 star story that probes and brings out the issues that people struggle with in life whether one is Amish or English.  Those who seek Him with all their heart will find peace and love!
Don't miss this great new series by Beth Wiseman.  Looking forward to the next book, The Wonder of Your Love.
*This book was provided by Thomas Nelson/BookSneeze*

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