The Dragon and the Turtle GO ON SAFARI

Book Description:   “Padraig, my friend, it is time for us to be courageous.”

Padraig the dragon and his best friend, Roger the turtle are determined to spend the whole night outside. As brave explorers at the base of Mount Sillymanborrow, the boys use their imaginations to have fun while munching on crunchy baked bugs and toasting s’mores over their campfire. But when the sky gets dark and the sounds of strange animals fill the forest outside their tent, their safari gets scary. This adventure is just what the boys need to discover that the dark might be frightening, but their friendship is stronger than fear.

My Review:  A cute, sweet story of two friends - - - a dragon, Padraig, and a turtle, Roger, by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark.  Colorful, sweet illustrations by Vincent Nguyen enhance this great book for young readers. 
The story begins as the two friends are toasting marshmallows over an open fire and as they are eating they decide that it's a grand idea to spend the night outside.  
So the safari begins.  Roger gets a big flashlight and wants to tell a fantastical legend but Padraig is afraid and doesn't want to hear the story.  Not wanting to disappoint his friend, Padraig, tells Roger he can tell the story in the morning.  Sweet, loyal friends who are best friends!
While spending the night in their tent in the great backyard the two begin to hear night noises.  The young reader is introduced to different wild animals that one might meet on a safari.  After awhile the two troopers decide that home base is the best place to be at night and head indoors.  They decide that the adventure will be there for them in the morning!
Since Roger doesn't get to tell his fantastical legend the legend is told as a separate story on the last four pages of the book.
The scripture for this story is Deuteronomy 31:6:  "Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid . . . God goes with you; he will never leave you."  A wonderful verse for young ones to know and memorize so that when they, too, go "out on safari" God will be with them!
*This book was provided for review by for Reader's*

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