Blood Covenant by Lisa Harris

Book Description:  From the explosive first pages, Lisa Harris weaves a tale of heart-stopping suspense and adventure with her second book in the Mission Hope Series. When fighting erupts between government forces and renegade Ghost Soldiers deep within the Republic of Dhambizao, thousands are forced to leave their homes. Dr. Paige Ryan, who works with Volunteers of Hope International, is sent to lead a team to set up a refugee transit site---where the immediate needs for shelter, water, sanitation, and food are critical. Nick Gilbert, a bush pilot for Compassion Air, joins the team to help fly supplies in and out of the area. With the refugee camp already experiencing overcrowding, raids, and uprisings, a group of American mountain climbers is attacked by the Ghost Soldiers. Paige's medical team responds immediately, rescuing survivors and taking them into the camp. When it's discovered that one of the trekkers is carrying an infectious disease, the harrowing conditions of the camp are forgotten. In desperate need of vaccines and the Ghost Soldiers blocking the only road out until their demands for amnesty are met, it won't be long before the disease is out of control ... and there is nowhere to run.

My Review:  After reading Blood Ransom I was excited to read Blood Covenant.  Blood Covenant doesn't take up where Blood Ransom left off.  Blood Covenant is a stand-alone read just as Blood Ransom is a stand-alone read.  
The Mission Hope Series are the first books I've had the pleasure to read by Lisa Harris and, also, the first books I've read that deal with the "off the headlines" of the African ghost soldiers, famine, disease and fighting.
Dr. Paige Ryan is a volunteer doctor who has come to Africa to help and heal.  She meets Nick Gilbert, a bush pilot who has also come to Africa to help the less fortunate.
Hope International (Mission Hope) is an organization that brings medicine, some foods and much needed medical supplies to the dying and hurting peoples of Africa.
Then there's Brandon and Ashley, a honeymooning couple, making a hiking trek among the mountains of Africa.  This subplot brings in the diseases that Americans may unknowingly bring into Africa.
Asim and his father are also part of this adventure.  Asim brings a side story of hope and captures Paige's heart.
Sometimes the heart pounding excitement of the story as Paige, Nick, Brandon, Ashely and the others seek to escape and go around the ghost soldiers leaves the reader feeling as if she was on this trek in the African wilds.
Learning about the ghost soldiers and the terrible plots of the government to use their own people and get rich by human slavery makes this 5 star read absolutely fabulous!  
*This book was provided for review by Zondervan*

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  1. Thanks so much, Tammy, for taking the time to read and review Blood Covenant. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the journey!

    Happy reading!