My CSN Store.com Review

After looking around my house, I decided that I wanted an end table in our living room.  I love this one because it is the color (cherry) that matches my other furniture and the magazine holder will come in handy!
  My ten year old son to put this together for me  

My husband showed him how to look at the directions and then let him at it!  
It took our ten year old about ten minutes to put this sweet table together.  
 I'm very pleased with this end table/magazine rack.  Small and handy!  Very pleased with my CSN Store.com item!  I must also say that CSN Store.com has a wonderful customer service.

Thanks to Caitlin and the CSN Store.com for allowing me to review this wonderful table!

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  1. Cute table, cute pictures! It is always neat when Dad's take the time to teach their son's to do new things. It is so important in our society that Dad's take the inishative to teach their son's to be men. I know it was just a simple table, but it was also a lesson that taught a whole lot more. :)