31 Days of Power by Ruth Myers with Warren Myers

Book Description: Your power in spiritual warfare

is as close as a whisper, 
as near as a prayer.
 As a follower of Jesus, you are engaged in a battle against a treacherous enemy. But the mighty power of God is yours through Christ’s victory on the cross of Calvary.
The daily readings in this uplifting devotional are steeped in Scripture and blended with praise to bring foundational truths to life—to help you wield the power of God that’s available in all our afflictions, in every trial and temptation. 
  The truths in these pages will equip you to resist the forces of evil, to stand firm in a day of deepening darkness, and to know firsthand the truth of Romans 8:37:
 “In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer 
through Him who loved us.”

My Review:  This is a devotional book that encourages the reader to draw closer to God through prayer.  There are 31 prayers for one whole month.  The prayers are prayers that encourage and if one reads the prayer for the day aloud it makes the thought much more clear.  It also gives strength to start your day with the Lord.  Ending your day by reading the scripture aloud also helps one to feel the presence of the Lord.  
A scripture reference is given and then the reader can look up the verses on his own time.  At the end of each chapter (a chapter being two, three or four pages) is space for the reader to write his own thoughts from the prayer.
Each day a prayer is given as a guide not as a form of a chanting worship.  These prayers are given so that the reader may have a "start" to form his own prayer.  
This book was written to encourage and strengthen the reader in his faith.  It is a guide for becoming closer to God.
As an example, "Day 22, Breastplate of Righteousness, 'Thank you Lord for calling us to lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.' I'm so glad that our armor isn't some stiff metal covering, but something as beautiful and bright and weightless and flexible as light itself!"  The corresponding verse is Romans 13:12.
I love what the back of the book reads, "Your Power in spiritual warfare is as close as a whisper, as near as a prayer."  Isn't that what we need in this day and age?  To gather armor through prayer for the spiritual warfare that besets us?!?!
This is a fantastic 5 star book for that person in your circle of acquaintances who longs and loves spending time with the Father!
*I reviewed this book for Readers*

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