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"Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder.  She was the daughter of Bethuel son of Milcah, who was the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor."  Genesis 24:15

Day One:  A Jar On Her Shoulder
The goal in exploring the lives of the patriarchs is to deepen our relationship with the One who calls Himself their God.  Throughout the first three weeks of our study the spotlight has been on Abraham.  Today we shift to events concerning the second patriarch, Isaac, beloved son of Abraham and Sarah.
Many of us love our families and are what you would call "family people." You don't have to be married to love your family.  My youngest sister loves all her nieces and nephews and cares for them just as their parents would.  That brings us to Rebekah and the love her family had for her. Day One takes us on a journey with Abraham's servant in search of a wife for Isaac.  Read Genesis 24:1-9.  In comparison, Christ paid the ultimate bride price with His very life.  He also lavished us with spiritual gifts (I Corinthians 12).  The wedding and imagery is as stunning as a radiant bride in both the Old & New Testaments.  What sign did the servant request from God?  (Genesis 24:12-14).

Day Two:  This is from the Lord
Reading in Genesis 24 we recap a a lot of earlier events.  The sign the servant requested would be a sure indication of hospitality.  No doubt the servant wanted to pick a bride who would fit with the courtesy of his master.  I know when I married my husband I wanted to be liked by my in laws and to "fit" into this new family.  I believe that is how the servant felt about Isaac--for his bride to "fit" with the in laws.  Also, the character of the bride should probably reflect that of his mater Abraham.  This is also where we are first introduced to Laban who will soon play a major role in our story line.  In Genesis 2:29-51 what are the reactions of Rebekah's family?  Genesis 24:50 is important in today's study---"This is from the Lord; we have no choice in the matter.  Rebekah is here in front of you.  Take [her] and go" (HSBC).  What has been your own Genesis 24:50 moment?

Day Three:  He Loved Her
Genesis 24:67, "Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah, and he married Rebekah.  So she became his wife, and he loved her."  I love this scripture because it reminds me of my husband.  My husband always says that when he first saw me he knew he loved me and would marry me.  We dated for 28 days, were engaged and married 3 months later.  I love my husband for it is his love that brought me to him.  I think Rebekah may have felt somewhat the same. :)  In Genesis 24: 61-66, we read of the romance of Isaac and Rebekah.  God is the author of pure romance.  Isaac was meditating in the field when he looked up and saw camels approaching.  Rebekah asked, "Who is that man walking in the field?" The servant told her, "He is my master."  So, Rebekah covered her face with her veil.  I believe that this speaks of Rebekah's modesty not just the custom of the day.   What blessing was spoken over Rebekah before she was sent off to Isaac?  To this day I remember the blessing that my dad spoke over Mike and I at our wedding  ---- that God would lead and direct us, to show us His will in every aspect of our lives and to lead us in His way....wherever we were to go.  How important is the blessing of the father for his children!

Day Four:  Longing For a Better Country
In this lesson we find that Sarah has passed from this life and, as the old saying goes, "Life goes on."  Sarah buried his beloved Sarah, Isaac was comforted by Rebekah and Abraham married Keturah.  Beth makes an interesting comment here about how "Abraham had no problem fathering other children while the conception of Isaac, the heir to promise, required much time, faith and hardship.  The most profound things God promised (promises) were often fulfilled against the greatest odds and through the most difficult hardships." The faith of Abraham is often told to us in the scriptures.  Should you find yourself sitting next to Abraham in heaven, what would you tell him you appreciated about his story? (write it down and be specific)

Day Five:  Ishmael and Isaac
To begin what occasion was Isaac and Ishmael's last recorded encounter?  (Genesis 21:8-10).  I do believe that Abraham loved Ishmael, for this was his first born son.  But he was not the son of promise.  This seemed to create a dismal picture for Ishmael.  Maybe he wanted to be close to Abraham but with a baby, the son of promise, on the way I think Ishmael, like many teens, felt unloved and unwanted.  I think his actions at the feast for Isaac prove this.  Ishmael was in a no win situation.When his father was named he was reminded of his absence.  If his father wasn't named Ishmael was reminded of his anonymity. Abraham's renown reached all over the middle-eastern world.  Ishmael could neither have him nor escape him.  Like many sons of famous fathers, Ishmael may have idolized and despised his father.  Many times people harbor ill feelings toward become overgrown and disfigured in their imaginations.  Thus, becoming monstrous caricatures of their original selves.  Have you had such an experience?  Without naming or dishonoring the person write your answer.

See you in the Parlor next Tuesday.  Mary will bring lesson 5!

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  1. It seems as we have this Bible study there are certain things brought out that apply to things going on in my life.

    In Genesis 24:15 it says, "And it came to pass, before he had done speaking, that, behold, Rebekah came out....with her pitcher upon her shoulder." His prayer was answered before he was done praying! In Isaiah 65:24 "And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer: and while they are yet speaking I will hear."
    Oh what a blessing to my soul to think the prayer I have been praying has been heard and answered I just haven't seen the results yet! Beth Moore says "I believe far more often then not God answers our prayers immediately though we may not see the fulfillment with our own eyes until much later."

    Beth Moore asks if we have ever had a Genesis 24:50&51A moment where we say, "...The thing proceedeth from the LORD: we cannot speak unto thee bad or good. Behold,Rebekah is before thee,..." Beth Moore discribes that moment for herself as being when her daughter and son-in-law left home to serve God over seas. It never occurred to her to go against God and try to hold them back. She gave them up to God as Rebekah's family did her. I'm dealing with a similar situation so this Bible study has been an encouragement to continue to support and not to hinder. As mothers it can be hard to let our children go, but we need to make sure we're not the hinderance to God's will in their lives. We often pray that God will use them and His will be done in their lives, but we can the very person preventing them from being used. Beth Moore says, "be joyful about their service-even in our (your) tears.