Anne of Green Gables

Mary Engelbreit's Classic Library: Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is one of my ALL time favorite books.  I especially like this book because the cover is illustrated by Mary Engelbreit.  There are no other illustrations in the book, just on the cover.  I love this story by L. M. Montgomery.  It's a sweet, true to life story of a young girl.  Anne (Anne spelled with an 'e') is an orphan who is adopted by a brother and sister who think they are getting a young boy.  After the surprise, Anne soon becomes the daughter they never had.   Sometimes Anne's imagination gets her in trouble and sometimes it's her quick wit.  It's a story for all ages.  Both girls and boys will enjoy Anne and her escapades.

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  1. Didn't read Anne of Green Gables series untill I was 26or27 after seeing the Megan Follows TV seires. I couldn't believe I had gone through my childhood without reading them. And my mom knew about them! Any way I've never read the last three in the series, because they talked less about Anne, but I intend to some day.