LOVE FINDS YOU the North Pole

Love Finds You in North Pole, AlaskaThis was an enjoyable read.  There really is a town in Alaska named the North Pole.  This book was a mystery as well as a sweet read about the town of candy cane light poles, candy canes everywhere plus a Santa on about every corner.  Basically, Christmas every day of the year!  I read this book the week before Christmas but I think one could enjoy this book all year round.  The characters in this book are well rounded and fun.  I especially like the idea of visiting a place where there are candy canes everywhere (did I mention I like candy canes?).  This is an easy read and interesting.   Loved the book! 

 I would give this book a definite 5 stars!

If you want to read this book, go to Amazon:  Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska

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  1. Sounds neat. I like candy canes, too!