BIBLEMAN- Combating the Commandant of Confusion DVD

Combating The Commandant of Confusion: A Bibleman Live Adventure
Bibleman is a hero for all things good and Godly.  In this episode of Bibleman the armor of God is stolen. Bibleman and his team race to recover it.  During the adventure kids learn scripture and character lessons.  This is an interesting and action packed episode.  Most boys ages 6-10 love an action filled character they can relate to.  Bibleman is that hero.   Bibleman is a great character with a godly mindset and he relies on God and Scripture to save the day.  Bibleman is a superhero who teaches kids to trust in God and to conqueror evil by using scripture.    In today's society kids need a hero who wants God's best.  A great dvd!  This dvd was sent to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing (BookSneeze) to review.

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