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Today Mary brings our lesson.  It's a great lesson so hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Thanks, Mary!  
Grab your tea and join us for Lesson 3!

In Genesis 20 you have the first four revelations from God through dreams in the Book of Beginnings.  What was the basic message of the dream? Abimelech was to return Sarah to Abraham or Abimelech and his house hold would die.
What does Genesis 18:11 explicitly tell you?  It ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of woman. (She was too old to bare children).
According to Genesis 21:18-11, what was the cause of Sarah's drastic change in temperament? She saw Ishmael mocking during the celebration of Isaac’s being weaned.
What did Abraham give Abimelech in Genesis 21:28,30 and why?  He gave him 7 ewe lambs as a testimony that Abraham dug the wells.
What does Abraham tell the Hittites he needs? A place to bury Sarah
 Day One
Not That Again
 I was impressed with the first part of Beth Moore’s Day One lesson when she talks about senior adult women who continue to seek and serve God well into their 70’s and 80’s. Beth Moore says, “I have no greater respect for anyone than someone who continues to study and serve God until the end of life.” I Titus 2:3-5 certainly doesn’t sound like God intends for older women to sit back and relax.
 As we also see in Day one. Just because we may be mature in years, we still have the sin nature. Beth Moore says, “Those who continue to apply God’s Word until their last breath are wise indeed. If God was finished changing and conforming us to the image of His dear Son, we’d be face-to-face with Him right now.”
 Abraham and Sarah are drawn back in to the same sin of fear, lying and not trusting God. They once again lie to a Monarch saying Sarah is Abraham’s sister not his wife for fear Abimelch will kill Abraham for her. Once again the Monarch takes Sarah to wife, so much for the same plan. God speaks to Abimelch in a dream. God reveals Abraham is a prophet, warns that if Sarah is not returned death will come to Abimelch and his, and that if she is returned Abraham will pray for Abimelch. According to Beth Moore this is the first interceding prayer. Abraham is to pray for his enemies. Sounds like Matthew 5:44
 Day Two
Laughing Out Loud
 Beth Moore dwells here on Sarah’s wait for a child being over. She says, “Her wait like ours, was about what God wanted to birth and maybe even what God wanted to kill (all other options). Gen.21:1-7 states, “for Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken unto him.” God always comes through. His promises are true.  Beth Moore later says on Day Four, “After staking His Name on it, He’d have to disown Himself to be unfaithful.” 2 Tim 2:13.
 Isaac’s name means laughter. Laughter surrounded Isaac’s birth. Abraham laughed Gen.17:17, Sarah laughed Gen. 18:12-15, and laughed again at Isaac’s birth Gen.21:6-7. I imagine her laugh being like I remember my 75 year old grandmother’s. (That laughter of hers is a dear memory.) Sarah sounded like she and God shared a good joke. “Who would have said unto Abraham, that Sarah should have given children suck?”Gen.21:7
 Day Three
God Heard
 Now Isaac is weaned and Abraham gives a great feast in celebration. At this feast though, Sarah is not laughing. She sees instead Ishmael mocking and she doesn’t think it’s funny.
She insists that Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away. Abraham is heavy hearted, but God tells him to “hearken unto her voice”. God is sovereign and has a plan for Ishmael.
 Here I am touched by the fact that “God heard the voice of the lad”. It shows me personally that God hears my voice in time of sorrow. Beth Moore writes, “Human ears could not have heard the whimpers of a weakened boy over the wails of his broken mother. God’s ears, though, hear “groanings which cannot be uttered.” (Romans 8:26)
God speaks to Hagar, promises to make Ishmael a great nation, open’s Hagar’s eyes, and provides water. “Would God make us a promise without giving us the provision to see it fulfilled?” asks Beth Moore.
 Day Four
The Eternal God
 Abimelech is back on the seen. It has been three or four years since their last know encounter. He recognizes in Gen.21:22 that God is with Abraham in all that he does. He asks Abraham to show himself and his decedents kindness.
 It is at this point Beth Moore discusses hesed or covenant kindness. She says, “Through the covenant relationship we’ve entered by the blood of Jesus Christ, the God of all creation is loyal to us. ……The sovereign Most High has pledged His loyal love to us. …..God bound Himself by covenant to be loyal to us…..it drives me with urgency to be faithful in return.” What a humbling thought.
 Day Five
To Mourn For Sarah
 Sarah’s time has come to go to the true promise land. She lived 127 years and 37 of them were with Isaac. I’ll use the most touching parts of Beth Moore’s study to finish this week. “…up until now any dirt would do. (In reference to others buried before Sarah) Not for Abraham’s Sarah, however. Not for the Princess.” “Abraham wanted a burial site. Not a hole in the ground.” This burial site would be his final gift to his princess. Should it cost him nothing?” True sacrifice always requires payment II Samuel 24:24, John 12:3, Mark 12:43-44, Galatians 3:13. Love equals sacrifice. John 15:13, I John 3:17-18, I John 4:10 Abraham loved Sarah.  

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