My Big Book of WILD Animals

Big Book of Wild Animals

I bought My Big Book of WILD Animals for our son but I too was intrigued with the wonderful pictures and the block format of the pages. The pictures of the animals are colorful and spectacular.  The information given is in kid "speak" so it's not hard to understand nor is it boring.  If you and/or your child love to watch Jack Hanna or just plain love animals of the wild then this is a great resource to own.  Want to know more about insects spiders, amphibians, reptiles, birds, or mammals? This book tells all about them. 

Big Book of Wild Animals (as always you can buy it at Amazon:) 


  1. This would be perfect for me, because I am inlove with animals. I think they are beautiful creature and love taking care of them. Maybe you can post the picture of the book, it sounds like a nice book.

  2. Erica-- The picture that is to left is the picture of the book. I know it looks like a poster instead of a book cover. :)