Yesterday, Today, and Forever by Maria von Trapp

Book Description:  A warm and intimate look into the spiritual life of Maria von Trapp's famous Sound of Music family. In this best-selling works, Maria takes you beyond the thrilling story of her family's desperate and determined flight from Austria to her new life in America, as well as providing:
A personal and profound insight into this extraordinary woman and her life
An inspiring look at the constancy of the Savior in our lives
A wealth of insight and faith from years spent in study, devotion, and worship
Maria von Trapp shares how she and her husband told their children about the life of Jesus and how His story entered into their lives and imaginations. Be enriched and inspired as you enjoy this beloved classic.

My Review:  Having seen the movie The Sound of Music countless times I was thrilled to read this book, Yesterday, Today, and Forever.  An autobiographical account of the von Trapp family.  This read takes up where The Sound of Music left off.  After leaving occupied Austria at the onset of WWII Maria writes of Jesus and His saving power.  How the lives of the von Trapp family were saved by the help of so many wonderful and unselfish people but more than that Maria writes of Jesus.
Personal stories are included of the von Trapp children and of Maria and her husband, too.  Maria writes of her family, the von Trapps, retracing the steps of Jesus from His birth to His death.  How they learned where and why He went.  Maria makes a comparison between Jesus' steps and her steps in life.  Maria points out that "This book really does not want to become a 'life of Christ.'  It only wants to serve as a stimulus to all families to reconstruct their own 'life of Christ,' parents and children together, simply by telling what we did."
If you've always been curious, as I have, about what happened to the von Trapp family after their escape then you'll want to read this wonderful 5 star book.
This is a read unlike any of read recently.  A non-preachy book with a look at a family with ups and owns like many of our families who love Jesus and are trying to live according to His Word.
*This book was provided for review by New Leaf Publishing*


  1. Having read The Story of the Trapp Family Singers (excellent book), Yesterday, Today, and Forever really interestes me. I was impressed with Mrs. Trapp's faith while reading The Story of the Trapp Family Singers (Sound of Music based on)so I'd like to read more about her faith in Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Thank you, Tammy, for bringing to light such interesting books!

  2. This sounds like an amazing memoir. Great review!