DRAGONS Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

Book Description:  Explore the links between dragon myths and the reality of dinosaurs through vivid illustrations, interactive pages, and fascinating insights!
Did you know?
There are dragon legends in nearly every culture, from China to Australia, India to Europe, and Persia to the kingdoms of the fiercest Norse warriors.
Eyewitnesses to these last dinosaurs include Job in the Bible, Alexander the Great, and Marco Polo.
Drawings on cave walls and on ancient art show images that closely resemble beaked dinosaurs and flying pterosaurs.
Re-visit history as you trace the tracks of these creatures throughout cultures in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and more, learning the facts, and revealing the fallacies of dragons. Whether battling saints or terrorizing medieval castles, these creatures provide a fascinating link to man's earliest history, as well as a shadowy mystery now found only in the pages of ancient texts.

My Review: DRAGONS Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs is an interactive book with beautiful, colorful multi-page layouts, neat lift-up-flaps, and informational envelopes that inform the reader of the history of dragon lore and legends.  This includes proof of dragon existence from real-life witness accounts and scriptural references. 
Many recognized men of ancient times from Roman Philosopher and Statesman, Marcus Cicero (45 BC) to 17th Century Jesuit, Athansius Kircher, have give written accounts of these creatures as well.  Ancient artists have recorded similar creatures in picture form on ancient artifacts and petroglyphs. 
This is a wonderful.from.a.christians.presective book of the accounting of dragons, dinosaurs and like creatures.  This is not for the evolution minded reader for these accounts are taken from a creationists point-of-view and from the biblical standard. 
WOW!  What a book!  We discovered that the original biblical Hebrew text included the word "tannin" (land or seas monsters or serpents); in Greek, "drakon" was used.  
The comparisons made from legend to lore and myth or legend give the reader an accurate account of God's creation.  
My ten year old son loved the page entitled "Legends from around the Globe."  Miniature envelopes with note sized paper detail the country and then informs the reader of what happened with dragons in said country.  My ten year old was fascinated with Babylon which then told of 'Daniel and the Dragon.'  This is a legend but gave new meaning to Daniel In the Lion's Den.
I wish there were words to describe how absolutely terrific this book is made!  Our whole family is enthralled with the pictures, as well as, the writings.  
This is one of those rare books that any christian school or homeschool teacher should own because children (and maybe adults) are highly interested in this subject.  So, why not read it from the biblical point of view!
*This book was provided for review by Master Books/New Leaf Publishing*

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