Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

Book Description:  Scotty and Charley are headed for Marshall, Texas, with Biker Guy once more close on their trail. As Scotty tries to come to terms with the reality of her parents’ deaths, she grows friendly with the locals. That makes staying hidden challenging.

But there’s got to be more to life than fear, and through new friendships, Scotty learns that this prayer thing might work after all. Will prayer be enough when the situation is life and death? What happens when Biker Guy finally catches up to her?

My Review:  After reading Hollywood Nobody the first book in this series I was hooked!  There's just something about Scotty and even Charley that makes want to know more.  As we found out in book one Charley is not Scotty's mom but her grandma!  
This story begins right where Hollywood Nobody left off.  Charley and Scotty are headed to Marshall, Texas.  Sweet!  Having been to Marshall, Texas quite a few times the story seemed "real" to me.   So now Scotty and Charley are on their way Marshall, Texas, where Charley can work and Scotty finds more interests.
Scotty is a unique girl.  She finds friends at the drop of a hat.  She befriends a pregnant teen mom who has been in an abusive relationship.   Not one to just leave a friend, Scotty, tries to help her but is it enough?  Scotty learns about prayer.  How God works through those who pray!
And why are she and Charley being stalked by the mysterious biker man?  What does he want and who is he?   
Scotty matures more in this book.  She uses the slang word "crap" a couple of times and it seems that Seth is having "inappropriate relations" with Karissa.  
Growing up is not easy and Scotty is dealing with the issue of her parent's deaths, her friend Seth's relationship with Karissa and not being who she thought she was.  
This book was okay but I really liked the first book better.  I guess there were a few too many issues for me.  However, the book is a fast read . . .  at times funny and light-hearted.  A nice 4 star read!
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  1. Fab review Tammy!
    I've got this one wish listed.