EIN STEIN The Chipmunk Who Became an Engineer by Uncle Andy

Book Description:  Ein Stein, a most inquisitive chipmunk, is also a very frustrated chipmunk. He loves peanuts and there just happens to be a peanut farm just across the river from his home! Nuts! How can he get to it? The little chipmunk tries several different ways to cross the river. Ein uses a boat and a lily pad, but all of his attempts end in failure. Discouraged, he is about to give up, when his father tells him the story of Robert The Bruce, a Scottish king who watched a spider try and fail six times before it could weave its web. Encouraged by the story, Ein tries again. He engineers an overhead wire, similar to the one he uses to cross his busy street, as a bridge. But how can he get the wire bridge across the river? Ein is stumped. But just like Robert The Bruce, Ein decides to never give up. He too watches a spider spin its web, and is inspired by nature’s finest engineer. It is then that The Chipmunk Who Became an Engineer produces a step-by-step plan to cross the river. Will Project Peanuts succeed?

My Review:  One day, Ein Stein tells his parents why stones sink. They come with the name Ein Stein for this intelligent chipmunk.  Ein Stein's parents tell him that he is now named for the famous scientist.   Ein Stein is a cute play on words for a chipmunk's name.  Ein is determined to find a way across the busy road to the peanut farm. 
First, he decides that the road is too busy so he thinks of the gently flowing river that runs along the property.  He then draws plans for a grand boat that will carry him to the peanut farm.  But the current is too fast for the small boat and he must head home before he loses his life and his boat.  The next day he tries paddling closer to the stream's edge but again no go.  Then his father tells him a story about a knight who was hiding in a small hut and watched a spider build its nest over and over until it was just right.
So, Ein doesn't give up. The next day he decides to build a bridge.  He draws a plan but after trying to build the sticks break.  He goes home.
But the next day he tries again.  Ein doesn't give up on his dream.  And his father doesn't give ip on his son but continues to help Ein and encourage him in his endeavors.
A great 4 star book for children who love to think and build and a fantastic lesson in never giving up.  Keep trying and don't let go of your dreams!
*This book was provided for review by for Reader's*

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