WOW {Warm Oven Wednesday} Crockpot Chicken

4-6 Chicken Breasts (frozen or thawed)
2 Cans Whole New Potatoes, drained (I used 4 regular potatoes, diced)
1/2 Bag Baby Carrots
1 Can each – Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom Soup
Salt, Pepper, Garlic and Onion Powder to taste (I used one packet of Onion Soup instead!) and layered it like this:
  • 4 cubed raw potatoes 
  • carrots 
  • chicken 
  • packet of Onion Soup 
  • Cream of Chicken/Cream of Mushroom Soups stirred together 
  • Stir, set to high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-8 hours.
  • MMMM!  Wonderful!

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