52 Principles For A Better Life RULES TO LIVE BY

Book Description:  In our hectic and pressured lives, most of us long for less stumbling around and more consistency and order. At the same time, we want to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our family, friends, and coworkers. To achieve this sense of order, we rustle through self-help books, retool our schedules and priorities, and explore ideas on reinventing ourselves, our marriages, and our families.

Jerry White says he tried all these options but something else has been more helpful: From his early days at the space program in Mission Control at Cape Canaveral, he developed, pursued, and practiced a set of “rules” that have helped him respond to life without having to figure out every situation anew as it arises. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist as Jerry was. Through these fifty-two practical principles, learn how to live a more organized and successful life.

My Review:  52 Principles For A Better Life Rules TO LIVE BY authored by Dr. Jerry White is a small book just right for encouraging and helping us to become better citizens for heaven.  This book is divided into 52 "mini chapters" where the reader is not bogged down with technical words or thoughts but the reader gleans an appreciation for life by reading short-like-mini-devotionals.  Sometimes it feels as if one is reading the journal pages of Dr. White.
This wonderful read is taken from the former years of Dr. Jerry White. He was in the  "military, at NASA, and with The Navigators, Dr. Jerry White shares insights and wisdom to point you toward a more balanced life. His 52 guiding principles do more than just tell you what you should do--they outline the godly life you can have today."
In chapter 42, Do Some Things Poorly, caught my attention.  Do some things poorly?!?  Not what most of us are I read on.  Dr. White isn't saying do a "bad" job.  He's telling the reader to not put too much emphasis on doing a perfectionist job and missing out on the importance of getting the job done.  To help explain I quote from page 144, "Mary likes a clean house, and Mary's a perfectionist.  But she once learned a valuable perspective when her aunt was talking about cleaning the house before guests arrive:  'If they come looking for dust,' she said, 'I don't want to disappoint them!" When you set out to work on a project, decide what level of completeness or perfection is needed or demanded."  To me that is great advice.  Not just in house cleaning but in life. Thoughts to get us motivated to work on the important parts of life.
There's so much GOOD in this book.  More than I can write on this page!  But I also loved Get Mad At the Right Things, Treat People Well, and Make Love!
This is a great-tastic 5 star read!  Not rocket science but wonderful words of wisdom and sage advice for those of us who long to live in moderation.  
This is also a wonderful gift book for those on your Christmas list! 

*I reviewed this book for NAVPRESS*

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